Surviving ‘Uncle Hitler’ ~ Journey of a German Girl


“…the author is a legend for all that she survived and held on to her faith thru it all. Remarkable and inspiring story.” — Kevin and Shana Scott

Surviving ‘Uncle Hitler’

Dorothea Wollin was just a young girl when American bombs demolished her German town. Uprooted overnight, she and her family found themselves on a journey of survival across Europe.

Like many German families, they had little understanding of the topsy-turvy world into which they had been thrown, or the atrocities which precipitated it. Looking back, Dorothea came to realize that she was not only a war survivor, but that she had survived “Uncle Hitler.”

Surviving ‘Uncle Hitler’ ~ Journey of a German Girl is a story of adventure, bravery and challenges that could have destroyed weaker souls. Dorothea’s experiences gave her a thirst for freedom, which led her to America. It is also a story of the quest for meaning in a dark world, a quest that led Dorothea to faith in Christ, and to a freedom bigger than that of country or politics.


Dorothea Wollin Null, author of "Surviving 'Uncle Hitler' "
Dorothea Wollin Null, author of Surviving ‘Uncle Hitler


“What I want most for my story to convey is that the Lord led me through the trials and tribulations of my life in order that I could find meaning, joy, and peace. Because I am approaching the end of my life, I want to inspire my readers to question their own choices, priorities and values in order to find peace with the Lord and joy in their hearts.” — Dorothea Wollin Null


Today, Dorothea lives happily on the shores of a forested lake on the Oregon Coast, with her husband Larry, enjoying frequent visits from her large family.